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Creative Kids Online Academy - Sphero Mini


Our 12-Lesson ONLINE workshop for children to learn how to use the Sphero Mini with the Sphero Edu app!

Our Online Academy includes guides and videos to take you from first use to confident coder, creating your own Sphero magic.

Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny, app-enabled robot about the size of a ping pong ball. Drive Mini using different modes with the Sphero Mini app, or just by using your face. Yes, you read that right. Face Drive is a hilarious new feature that uses your facial expressions to drive the ball.


Packed with teeny tiny tech, Sphero Mini has a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights. Colourful, interchangeable shells are available, so you can easily switch one out to suit your mood. With almost an hour of play time, Sphero Mini is the next big thing. Download our Sphero Edu app and learn how to code while exploring activities that are fun too!

Includes 12 ONLINE lessons to learn how to code using the Sphero Edu App

Sphero Edu is your hub to create, contribute, and learn with Sphero robots. Go beyond code by incorporating unique STEAM activities to complete with your bot. Designed for learner progression, Sphero Edu beginners can give robots commands by drawing a path in the app for their robot to follow. Intermediate coders can use Scratch blocks to learn more advanced logic, while pros can use text programming and write their own JavaScript. 

What’s in the Box

  • Sphero Mini Robot
  • Micro USB Cord
  • 3 Mini Traffic Cones
  • 6 Mini Bowling Pins

Robot Tech Specs

  • iOS 10+ & Android 5.0+ compatible
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, LED Light
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection (10 meter range)
  • Micro USB charging (almost 1 hour of play on a full charge)
  • Height: 42mm / Width: 42mm / Weight 46g
  • Top speed 1m/s
  • Free App: Sphero Play app available on iTunes or Google Play
  • Free App: Sphero Edu app compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome