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Creative Kids Online Academy - Smart Home Kit for micro:bit


Our 11 Lesson ONLINE workshop for children to learn how to use the Smart Home Kit for micro:bit!

The micro:bit Smart Home Kit is designed to help you get started with exploring the world of electronics with a focus on home automation. Simply speaking a “Smart Home” is a home equipped with the lighting, heating, cooling, visual, sound appliances, miscellaneous electronic devices that can be controlled remotely (and automated) by a smartphone or a  computer. A “Smart Home” usually allows for automation of simple tasks (e.g. turning lights on only when someone enters the room, checking if your plant needs watering and turning on the water supply for a brief instant, turning off all the lights in the house at a predefined time at night, etc.) with a view to increasing efficiency (reducing consumption, cost of energy, etc.) and allowing for easier access to controls (for the given appliance).

It’s this combination of software, smart hardware (e.g. lights that can sense humans and turn on) combined with automation capability and integration with other smart devices allows us to build such “Smart Homes”. These days “Smart Home” controls (e.g. switches, sensor readings, etc.) are made available over the internet increasing the accessibility to controls and allowing home owners to control their appliances sitting anywhere in the world. Get started with your own STEAM learning journey using the micro:bit Smart Home Kit.

The micro:bit Smart Home Kit comes packed with 11 easy to use sensors (OLED screen, noise sensor, light sensor, relay sensor, soil moisture sensor, crash sensor, etc.) and includes the ElecFreaks sensor:bit. The Sensor:bit is a breakout board based on micro:bit. It has extended all available IO ports on micro:bit, and lead out them in the form of GVS. With this board, we can extend various 3V electric brick modules like LED light, photocell, etc. On the board, it has integrated a buzzer and an audio jack, which allows us to hear music from the buzzer or with a headphone.

With the micro:bit Smart Home Kit you will challenge yourself in many different ways, gain experience working with each of the electronic components and learn concepts around Smart Home, IoT (Internet Of Things) and Home Automation.  The micro:bit Smart Home Kit is a great way to dive into the awesome world of electronics and get started with your own STEAM learning journey.

Learn how to build and code these inventions with our Online Academy Lessons - subscription included in this package!


  • Voice activated lights
  • Smart fan
  • Auto windows
  • Smart wardrobe
  • Water level Alarming
  • Smart tele-control door opener
  • Smart decibel tester
  • Simple spirometer
  • Lie detector
  • Simple alarm box
  • Intruder detection system

What's in the Box

  • 3V sensor:bit
  • OLED Screen
  • Crash E-Blocks
  • TMP36 temperature sensor E-Blocks
  • Rainbow LED E-Blocks
  • Simulation noise sensor E-Blocks
  • Light sensor E-Blocks
  • Soil moisture sensor E-Blocks
  • Relay E-Blocks
  • DC motor E-Blocks
  • 180° servo E-Blocks
  • Submersible pump E-Blocks
  • Screw driver
  • USB Cable
  • Crystal Battery Box (Batteries required 2 x AAA)
  • Smart home kit manual book

Smart Home Kit

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