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Introducing Blue Bot – The Bluetooth Robot Sweeping Across Australia

Children across Australia can now have mountains of fun learning about programming with Blue Bot. An inventive, friendly, Bluetooth driven robot you can connect to and control by simply downloading a free app on a tablet, smartphone or PC/Mac. With personalisation features available, create your own program and watch your robot scurry along the floor!

Blue Bot’s Features

Blue Bot has several buttons on its back that help control and connect it via Bluetooth to your device. By programming their clever new robots remotely, students can use the command keys to send Blue Bot in any direction across the floor (forwards, backwards, left and right), whilst also being taught counting, sequencing and estimation in a fun, problem-solving setting.

Blue Bot has functionality like never seen before. It can manoeuvre 45 and 90 degree turns, allowing children across Australia to program Blue Bot to construct a variety of drawings and shapes, as well as travelling through complex pathways. Its sturdy shell is incredibly durable to the inevitable classroom mishaps, and the translucent structure permits students to actually see their programs ticking away inside the intricate components of Blue Bot’s technological brain.

Blue Bot’s own app

The Blue Bot app is completely free, and available for download to all devices in Australia via the Apple Store for Apple products, the Google store for Android, and with Windows and Mac software in the Terrapin Downloads section.

Upon opening, you will find that the app has a detailed ‘explore mode’ which places children in front of varying degrees of fun challenges and puzzles, in which they can use their robot to complete and consequently learn all the delicate secrets of computer programming.

Interested in learning more about computer technology and programming?

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