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Create your own virtual world!

This program is designed to enhance future focused learning skills. Students' creativity and imagination will come to life as they use revolutionary technology to physically connect with the curriculum by building and coding their own experiences. They will enhance their digital literacy skills and develop visual learning and thinking as well as enhance their collaboration skills through teamwork.
  • Make STEM learning fun and inspire creativity in your students as they explore, design and share virtual objects they have created and can hold in the palm of their hand.
  • Give students an alternative to mobile games and e-readers by allowing them to create and code virtual objects, play AR games and explore their world in VR.
  • Convert Paint 3D and Tinkercad designs into virtual objects and hold creations as virtual objects using the Merge Cube.

This program can be customised to target and link into your teaching program. For example, maybe you are studying British colonies and the development of a colony in Australia. Students in our Virtual Reality STEAM Program could:

  • Choose one significant event that shaped Australia’s identity, re-create the scene from the perspective of someone who lived through the event and then travel through time using the VR headsets.
  • Create a scene from the perspective of both a settler and an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, including possible scenarios that may have occurred.
The possibilities to link into all parts of the curriculum are endless and only limited to the creativity and imagination of the students.

All challenges and coding principles taught in the Virtual Reality STEAM Program link to the Australian Curriculum.

Suitable for Years 3-6
Maximum Participants: 4 classes (maximum of 30 students each class)
Duration: 8 weeks - 1 hour session for each class - 4 classes on the same day (Same day each week for 8 weeks, e.g. Monday, Tuesday etc.)
Location Required: Classroom

ALL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED! Workshop price includes hire of equipment and a term license to the online Co-spaces software for each student so that they can continue to create and code during non-workshop periods. 


Sydney – Blue Mountains – $8 per child/wk - Term Fee = $64 per student *

Wollongong – Shellharbour – $8.30 per child/week - Term Fee = $66.40 per student *

Central Coast – $8.30 per child/week - Term Fee = $66.40 per student *

Newcastle – Lower Hunter Region – $8.70 per child/week - Term Fee = $69.60 per student *

Available in NSW/ACT only. Other areas please contact us for pricing

* Minimum of 27 students per class (price increases per student if less than 27 students). Minimum of 3 classes per program.

Now Incorporating Creative Kids Vouchers!

Students may use their $100 NSW Creative Kids Vouchers to pay for their workshop fee. In return for redeeming their voucher with Sammat Education students will receive:

  • 8 Weeks of lessons using Virtual Reality in the STEAM Workshop in-class.
  • Take Home micro:bit GO pack for them to continue their coding and STEAM journey at home
  • FREE enrolment into our micro:bit GO ONLINE tutorials (10 week program) on our Sammat Education Academy portal

TOTAL VALUE $215 - TOTAL COST $0 with use of their NSW Creative Kids Vouchers

Sammat Education is a Creative Kids Provider

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