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An information pack is sent to the school with some pre-workshop lessons that need to be delivered before the workshop day. These lessons cover topics such as:
  • How to develop a storyline and script;
  • Using a storyboard to plan your animation; and
  • Making backdrops so that your scene looks authentic.
It is important that before the workshop day students have a storyline/script and storyboard as well as any hand-made backdrops ready to go. This will allow the students enough time on the workshop day to complete their animation. During the full-day workshop students will be involved in:
  • Learning to use the hardware and software provided.
  • Creating their characters from plasticine, stikfas or other materials provided by Sammat Education.
  • Shooting and editing their animation
  • Ideally students will work in pairs on the workshop day and complete one animation between them. The maximum number for the workshop is 30 students.
  • Students should develop a storyline that covers a topic being studied in class. The storyline should last between 20 and 40 seconds.
  • If an animation requires a blue screen backdrop (provided on the day) students will need to have sourced a backdrop photo that they want for their animation – more info about this feature will be provided in the information pack.

This workshop is designed to teach students how to use Claymation software to create their own stop motion animated video. Students will capture images using a webcam, create characters, apply small changes, add background images and music to create their own claymation movies.

After participating in this workshop students will be able to:
  • Develop a storyline and script
  • Use a storyboard to plan an animation
  • Develop backdrops, use green screen and chroma key technologies
  • Create characters from plasticine, stikfas or other materials
  • Shoot and edit an animation using Claymation software.

At the conclusion of the workshop students will receive a certificate of participation with instructions on how they can view/download their project on our private/secure server.

Suitable for Years 3-12
Maximum Participants: 30 students (1 class)
Duration: Full Day
Location Required: Classroom

ALL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED! Workshop price includes hire of equipment. We provide the class with 15 laptops and cameras so that they can work in pairs and all materials needed to create their characters.


Sydney – Blue Mountains – $795 ex GST ($26.50 per child*)

Wollongong – Shellharbour – $825 ex GST ($27.50 per child*)

Central Coast –$825 ex GST ($27.50 per child*)

Newcastle – Lower Hunter Region – $870 ex GST ($29 per child*)

Available in NSW/ACT only. Other areas please contact us for pricing

* Based on a full class of 30 students