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Creative Kids Online Academy - Ring:bit Bricks Pack for micro:bit


Our 6-Lesson ONLINE workshop for children to learn how to use the micro:bit Ring:bit Bricks Pack!

Our Online Academy includes guides and videos to take you from first use to confident coder, creating your own micro:bit magic.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/output features that, when programmed, let it interact with you and your world.

The new micro:bit with sound adds a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as an extra touch input button and a power button.

Based on the Ring:bit V2 from Elecfreaks, you can build exciting projects with this kit that will teach children how to code and assemble blocks. With 360 degrees servos, LED strips, 200 brick pieces- as well as a set of instructions for 6 different project ideas – it’s an engaging way to learn STEM skills. Let’s get started!

What you Get:

  • 1 x  micro:bit GO pack (Ver 2) including battery pack with 2 x AAA batteries and a USB cable will be shipped out to you.
  • 1 x Ring:bit Bricks Pack
  • 6 x Online lessons/projects on our Online Academy with guides and videos to help you get the most out of the micro:bit's features - and have fun!

What you Need:

  • A computer, phone or tablet with internet access to load the Microsoft MakeCode code editors.

Lesson Summary

Project 1 – Traffic Lights

Make your micro:bit turn into a traffic light system.

Project 2 – Bricks Car

Build a car with the bricks from the kit.

Project 3 – Temperature-controlled Fans

Build a fan that is controlled by the temperature.

Project 4 – Smart Desk Lamp

Build a lamp that turns on when it automatically gets too dark.

Project 5 – Wipers

Make your own set of windscreen wipers.

Project 6 – Trebuchet

Build your own  catapult. 

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