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Hearing Augmentation only, and full soundfield, for all learners, visitors and teachers: Great for today and best for tomorrow

The UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini family of education engineered hearing augmentation products are exclusive to Hear and Learn and designed, manufactured and supported to achieve 6 goals.

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Why Us?

Agility and future-proofing

Hearing Augmentation – or the transmission of the sources of auditory learning (including inbuilt amplified audio) to receivers built into hearing aids – must cater for all learners, teachers and visitors.

Recently, Hearing Australia – which supplies hearing aids with receivers to people aged between 0 and 26 – began to supply different hearing aids with different receiver technologies. Some have TSwitch functionality so as to operate with induction, but some do not. Some rely on unique forms of radiofrequency transmission and some rely on Bluetooth.

With the UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini being bespoke in-learning space solutions to capture, transform, and make available audio for augmentation, the different transmitters to different hearing aids can be connected. This means the space is future-proofed against the evolution of hearing aids.

No reliance on learners using personal devices and no reliance on learners wearing additional stigmatising equipment.

Schools maintain communal transmitters for the use of students, teachers and visitors, or they use their own.

Compliance Readiness

Federal Disability Law, Building Code and Govt/Diocesan/School policy is a complex blend of regulation.

Just like we allow physical access to buildings via ramps, this blend of law supports the view that all auditory stimuli should be made available to the hearing impaired.

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini mean the sounds of teaching – PA, AV, and voices – can be delivered to the hearing impaired. True equity is achieved.

Together with our HearAssist package, our performance-based solution is compliance-ready and supported by expert opinion.

Bespoke and standards-compliant Braille Tactile signs are provided.

Three in one functionality

With UConnect SoundHouse, our family of amplifier/receiver/in-ceiling or on-wall speech intelligibility optimising speakers is used to achieve three outcomes:

• Collection of all audio from all AV devices – including projectors, TV and screens – and their distribution via our unique speakers so that all learners receive the same quality and quantity of audio across the entire learning space
• Capture of teacher(s) and student(s) voices and delivery by our speakers so that speech is delivered without shouting and strain creating a calmer and more inclusive environment for all learners including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those with unique challenges including Central Auditory Processing Disorder, hearing impairment and behavioural challenges
• Delivery of all audio – voices, AV and PA – to receivers in hearing aids worn by learners, teachers and visitors. All UConnect devices have inbuilt priority electronics so that all inputted audio is completely prioritized by a PA message when that PA message is broadcasted. That is, a child receiving augmentation by a transmitter connected to UConnect devices will only receive augmentation of the PA signal if that PA signal is transmitted when your soundfield devices are being used. There will not be augmentation of both PA and soundfield if both sound sources operate simultaneously.

Easy install

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini come pre-built with all bespoke electronics built in to transform and balance audio, and allow quick connection to power, PA signals and AV. Power points are built-in too.

All learning spaces include HearAssist ongoing support for 5 years!

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