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littleBits Code Kit Education Class Packs

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Ideal for classrooms and schools the Class Packs are an invention-based learning solution for 18, 24 or 30 students. 

The littleBits Code Kit is the simple solution to education’s need for a coding program in a box. It’s packed with everything necessary to bring fun, engaging learning to the classroom - even for educators with no prior STEM/STEAM experience. Each individual kit comes with 16 Bits, 30 accessories and student/teacher getting-started guides, plus tons of digital resources including videos, tutorials, shareable online docs, and the computer-based littleBits Code Kit App with step-by-step invention instructions, coding tutorials, and more.

Coding is a fundamental 21st century skill. But in the future, knowing code won’t be enough. What you DO with code will be what matters. That’s why the littleBits Code Kit was built to facilitate creative problem-solving, combining electronic building blocks with approachable drag-and-drop block programming. It brings coding into the real world, keeps students hyper-engaged as they build and play their own fun games, and gives them a foundation of coding as a creative tool that can power innovative inventions. Students get started inventing four interactive games: tug-of-war, hot potato, ultimate shootout, and rockstar guitar. From there they can customise the code, and even create new, unique inventions and games. During gameplay, students develop coding & engineering skills as they embrace failure, think critically, make their own rules, and collaborate. Plus, the kit was co-designed with teachers, for teachers. This ensures it’s easy to integrate into any curriculum, makerspace, or library.

30 Student Class Pack - includes 10 x littleBits Code Kits and 4 littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage.

24 Student Class Pack - includes 8 x littleBits Code Kits and 3 littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage.

18 Student Class Pack - includes 6 x littleBits Code Kits and 2 littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage.


Code Kit Expansion Pack: Computer Science deepens students computational thinking by layering in additional Bits, accessories and Computer Science lessons and inventions, targeted for grades 3-5.

Code Kit Expansion Pack: Technology deepens students’ Code Kit experience by offering new Computer Science lessons for grades 6-8 and additional invention experiences with more Bits and accessories. 

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