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Sphero Golf Mat

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Sphero Golf Mat - Incredible Vinyl Floor Mat

An incredible vinyl floor mat (1220mm x 2010mm) with 6 reversible golf hole maze activities that links coding across the curriculum with the Sphero.

Sphero Golf Mat Features

Part of the amazing and extensive range of Sphero activities, the Sphero Golf Mat is a special edition mat with 6 reversible golf hole mazes which means that there are 12 challenging activities in total on the mat. Every child with their Sphero can connect to the Sphero Edu app, which is available to be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google play, and the Chrome Web store. Once downloaded, the Sphero will connect automatically via Bluetooth connection (so make sure you have your Bluetooth switched on). All angles, geometry, functions and designs have been carefully constructed to strengthen children’s coding and computational thinking ability through a reliable trial and error process.

For a handy, suggested algorithm to work along with in solving the first hole, check out the Sphero Golf Mat – Hole 1 program on the Sphero Edu app!

How to use your Sphero Golf Mat

The way you should use the Sphero Golf Mat is with 2 groups of 2 pupils, at any one time, each with a Sphero in their possession. Ensure that the Sphero Golf Mat is laid down on somewhere flat in the classroom or home for optimal usability. Students have to program their Sphero from one golf hole, along the carefully designed, complexly shaped fairways to the respective holes at the end of them.

For students who are aged between 8 to 16 , they should employ the use of a Blocks or Text project in the Sphero Edu app. This allows them to fully explore each reversible hole maze, promoting further learning about speed, distance, time, angles and bearings.

To get twice the challenge, try figuring out each of the courses backwards!

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