Sphero Activity Mat 2

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Sphero Activity Mat 2 Features

The Sphero Activity Mat 2 is aimed at students aged 8 to 16 and really pushes their ability and knowledge in problem solving, computational thinking and mathematical concepts. There are 4 complex mazes that are reversible which means that there are 8 activities on the mat. 4 groups of 2 pupils can work on the mat at any one time, each with a Sphero.

All children with the Sphero are able to connect to the Sphero Edu app, available for them to download on most devices from the Apple Store, Google Play, and Chrome Web Store. This will enable the Sphero to connect automatically via a Bluetooth connection, in which it can then be remotely controlled. Once in use, they will traverse pathways with geometric angles and problems that have been designed to build the child’s understanding of coding and computational thinking.

How to use Sphero Activity Mat 2

For proper usage, make sure the Sphero Activity Mat 2 is placed upon somewhere completely flat in the home or classroom, to ensure no bumpy variables that weren’t accounted for get in the way. Students should place the Sphero at ‘Start Here’ at the beginning of each maze and program it to move to the centre of the mat. Students can extend the challenges by programming the Sphero from the centre of the mat back to the beginning of each maze. Students should use a Blocks or Text project in the Sphero Edu app.

Once they get the hang of things, students can then lay down their Sphero devices together and race along the track.