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K-6 STEAM Professional Learning

STEAM Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning workshops are run by qualified and experienced classroom practitioners. Our workshops are targeted towards teachers maintaining their Proficient Teacher Accreditation and assisting them in integrating STEAM and Digital Technologies into their teaching and learning programs.

We have a number of different Professional Learning formats that include:

  • STEAM in Practice - our NEW in-class professional learning format where our instructional leaders are in class with you and your students.
  • STEAM in Action - a traditional professional learning format either online or face-to-face where teachers from various schools participate.
  • In-school PL - where our instructional leaders work with your teachers at your school on your Staff Development Day or after-school PL sessions.
STEAM in Practice

STEAM in Practice

In-class Professional Learning Program

"STEAM in Practice” is our exciting new program where we model integrating the STEAM curriculum into the classroom while teaching shoulder-to-shoulder with classroom teachers, leading and supporting them in exciting future focused learning programs.

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STEAM in Action

Online and traditional Face-to-Face Professional Learning Program

These workshops are held online and also face-to-face in a traditional PL format. Topics include: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, Robotics in the Classroom, Making, Tinkering and Engineering, STEAM for Librarians and Engaging K-6 Maths and STEAM based activities using Sphero

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STEAM in Action - Professional Learning Series

In-school Professional Learning

Our STEAM Instructional Leaders work with your teachers at your school on your Staff Development Days or after-school PL sessions. We can tailor a program that fits the needs and goals of your school in it's implementation of the Digital Technologies and STEAM Curriculum. Fill in the Expression of Interest form below and we will make contact with you.


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