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Tool kit for Flashforge 3D Printers

Your tool kit comes in a clip lock container with the following tools, plus a laminated card explaining the use of each item:
  • Buildtak Spatula - for the easy removal of prints from your bed
  • Nozzle clearing tool - to help clear minor blockages of your nozzle
  • 100mm Calipers - to measure nozzle output and test for under extrusion
  • 9mm L-Spanner - to assist with nozzle changes
  • Side cutters - to cleanly cut filament before loading it
  • Tweezers - to help grab filament when things go wrong
  • Pliers - to assist with repairs
  • *Feeder Clearing tool
  • *Allen keys (2.75mm and 2mm)
  • *Phillips head screw driver in SE and Guider models to remove top extruder cover and filament nozzle duct for maintenance

There is sufficient room to also store your Inventor 2 SE power supply and cable, plus your machines USB cable and USB finger; plus the small set of repair tools and maintenance items that come with your machine from flashforge (marked with a * above).

Dimensions: 230 x 160 x 85mm