Hover:bit for micro:bit

Hover:bit is a hovercraft kit for the BBC micro:bit which you build, code and then drift drive.

Note: micro:bits are not included in this kit.

Hover:Bit combines the micro:bits ease of use with the excitement of a drift driving Hovercraft! It is the world's first ever developed micro:bit hovercraft, combining the relevant skills for mastering the future of technology. It is a STEAM learning kit, which will engage students with a more practical and creative way of learning.

It is fully repairable and withstands a lot of crashes.

Hover:bit-build, code and hover away
Hover:bit is an air pillow vessel hovering above the ground. A cloud engine with great force ensures the progress and a servo managed tail fin controls the direction. A micro:bit used as a remote and another on the receiving end.

Construction and Design
Use the packaging as a fleet and seal or clip out your own in cardboard. Experiments with different shapes and materials and find out what works best.

Code with make:code
Still, more people discover micro:bit like a very simple platform with great opportunity space. Hover:bit offers programming guidance for remote control and receiver.

Driven driving experience with gyrochondrial control.
Because the vessel floats freely, the driving style becomes more like drifting than usual driving. A lightning-fast gyrossor corrects the halerret automatically and the result is an incredibly fun driving experience. Look at it as some kind of anti-spin on smooth lead.