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FlashForge AD1 - Sign Lettering 3D Printer

Part of the FlashForge Professional range, this 3D Printer is designed to be a complete solution for printing Light Channels for Signage

The special slicing & designing software, FlashAD, makes it easier to make complex designs, you can even create an amazing shadow effect with returned slant at some angles as you wish, eliminating the trouble of calculating the curving angle in CNC machining. Strongly helps you to fabricate complicated logos easily.

NOTE: This machine is designed for commercial use only. It comes on an oversized pallet in a wooden crate. You will have to carefully turn it on its side to get it through a standard doorway. Thankfully the crate is sturdy and the machine is bolted inside.

- Resume printing after power outage
- Filament detetion
- Screensaver function
- Printed file identification (turns green in file list)

- Single Nozzle, 2 filament colours (2in / 1 out)
- Build Volume: 600 x 600 x 70mm
- Layer Heights 0.2 - 0.4mm
- Print Resolution: ± 0.5mm or 0.2%
- Print Speed: 10-80mm/s
- Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm - Maximum Nozzle Temperature: 260°C
- Heated Build Plate: to 100°C
- Leveling: 8 point, manual
- Material: A-PLA recommended

- 4.5 Inch Touchscreen
- 8Gb Onboard Memory
- Power: 220VAC, 47-63Hz, 1500W
- Machine Weight: 50.2kg
- Machine Size: 1170x975x485mm

- Software: FlashAD - Windows 32bit and 64bit
- Data Transmission: USB Drive, Ethernet, FlashCloud. Note: No WiFi.
- File Output: GFZ
- File Input Types: FAD, STL, NC, CDR

Dimensions: 1070 x 975 x 485mm

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