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Talking Butterflies

A wonderfully versatile set of recording devices. They are fantastic as talking butterflies but can be transformed into a range of winged creatures. This clever resource has a clip which can be screwed in place in order to secure the various wings. Why not make a dragon, a bat, a fairy etc? They are easily clipped to washing lines, fences and displays. Imagine a talking cave surrounded by mysterious 'flying' creatures. The clip also has a magnetised back so they can be attached to metal surfaces.

The talking butterflies recording device is easy to use. Just press the touch sensitive points, record and play. It will allow up to 500 playbacks, (depending on volume and length).

Product Features:

  • Recordable.
  • Can be transformed into a range of winged creatures.
  • Versatile with a magnetic strip.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for literacy, numeracy etc.


  • 6 green peg bases
  • 6 interchangeable wings
  • LR44 or A913s batteries.
Size of butterflies: 12cm For age 3yrs

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