Swivl CX3 Robot

The Swivl CX robot rotates to follow the teacher automatically. It connects to multiple Markers for audio throughout the room and uses the tethered iPad (or mobile device) for recording video or streaming (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet). It's easy for teachers to set up and operate as a daily part of class.

Swivl is the most advanced, easy-to-use video capture and conferencing solution for education and businesses.

Includes 3 markers.

Swivl robot follows you with professional quality audio.

Self Reflection

Teachers can focus the video recording on their students or on themselves. Then they can review the video, add personal notes at specific moments, switch audio channels to listen to different students, and summarise the main points to improve the next day.

Peer feedback

The next step after self reflection is peer feedback, either from a trusted colleague or within a PLC. Other teachers can provide contextual help and support using a custom Rubric based specific to the teacher who shared the video.


By collaborating over teacher recorded video, coaches can spend more time focused on coaching and less time traveling between classrooms.

Team Improvement

The unique combination of hardware and software in the classroom has proven essential for effective and sustainable video observation programs. Teachers own the recording process and get the support they need, coaches are much more efficient with their time, and Administrators get the access and oversight they need.

View and Collaborate

With Swivl Teams, you can securely view the video for self-reflection, share with a colleague for peer feedback using time-stamped comments, or share with a coach for Rubric evaluation. It’s easy to use and completely secure inside the Swivl platform.

NOTE: CX3 can be upgraded to CX5 with 2 additional markers.