Personalised maths & spelling practice that pupils love

Sumdog uses educational games to motivate your students in maths, reading and writing. Its adaptive learning engine monitors and guides them as they work.

And the best bit? Lots of Sumdog is completely free, with no time limit. You only pay if you want the premium features.

Sumdog uses educational games to motivate your students in maths, reading and writing. Its adaptive learning engine monitors and guides them as they work. And the best bit? Lots of Sumdog is completely free, with no time limit. You only pay if you want the premium features.

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How to order a Sumdog FREE Subscription

  1. Create a FREE account at Sumdog - Sign up free

How to order a Sumdog Premium Subscription

  1. Create a FREE account at Sumdog - Sign up free
  2. Request a quote through the Sumdog system by clicking this link - Get a Sumdog quote
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Progress Hub: the heart of Sumdog.

Progress Hub is Sumdog's unique learning engine. It gets to know each student, leading them through the standards, and reports their progress to their teachers.


Curriculum aligned

Progress Hub's skills are aligned to the Australian National Curriculum, and broken into manageable steps. Sumdog's powerful skill browser makes it easy to refine your choice. Show the curriculum correlations, and filter the list by topic or domain.

Improvement rewards

When students master skills, Sumdog rewards them: they earn pets, and their pets learn tricks. Progress Hub gives every student an improvement chart, showing the skills they've completed.

Progress reports - Premium Feature

As students play, Progress Hub learns about each one individually. If your students are subscribed, you can run detailed proficiency charts showing their growth against the curriculum.

Happy students learn more.

Sumdog motivates your students, making them want to keep learning. And as we all know, practice makes perfect.


Engaging games

Sumdog is unusual, in that students can practise any skill with any game.

While students choose what they play, teachers retain control over their learn. And it's great for motivation: when you move on to a new skill, you can still use your favouritegame to work on it.

Most of Sumdog's maths games, and a couple of writing games, are always free to play. Subscriptions unlock more maths & writing games, and all of our reading games.

iPad & Android

As well as playing on computers, you can use our apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

They have all our most popular games - and we're adding more all of the time.

They'll also let your child use Sumdog's fun features, including Pets and the House, and give you access to Sumdog's progress reports.

School contests

Sumdog's contests are free and fun - and based on accuracy, promoting careful arithmetic.

In a Sumdog contest, success is based on accuracy. Sumdog's adaptive learning engine ensures every competitor challenged at the right level.

So everyone has an even chance of winning... why not give it a go with your class?

Let Sumdog guide and track your students.

As your students play, Progress Hub learns about each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Tailor activities and assessments for them, and view their progress in detailed reports.


Live data

Log in to your free teacher account while your students play, and you'll see their scores live on your dashboard.

The live data is great for pinpointing students who are working well, or those who need a little help.

You could also project it to show the whole class - for example, see who can top the accuracy league.

Assessments  - Premium Feature

Set timed tests for subscribed students using the assessment tool. It lets you customise questions and track results.

Sumdog's assessments are available for subscribed students. They don't feature any gameplay. Instead, students see a series of controlled questions.

Choose the skills you're testing, and regenerate individual questions until the test is just right.

In-depth reports - Premium Feature

As they answer, students generate a wealth of information. Sumdog reports this skill by skill, and day by day.

With a subscription, you can run whole-class reports, drilling down into individual domains and skills, comparing accuracy, speed and effort.

Individual student reports let you check strong and weak skills, and view achievement over any period you choose.

Virtual fun. But very real progress.

The first thing you'll notice about Sumdog is your students' engagement.

Dig a little deeper, though, and Sumdog's Progress Hub learning engine personalises their journey through the standards - then reports their progress back to you.


Focused skills

On Sumdog, students have a great time - but their teachers retain full control over their work.

At the simplest level, you can simply log in and choose which subject they'll play.

If you have a little more time, you can edit the default Progress Hub skill plan to match the order in which you teach; Sumdog will lead your students through the skills in this order.

Accuracy & fluency

Sumdog tracks your students' answers, building a precise picture of their fluency at each skill.

Click a skill title to view sample questions. And if you're subscribed, a simple traffic light key shows your fluency at that skill.

Classroom activities - Premium Feature

Competitions and challenges guide your students towards goals, and focus them on the right skills.

You set the targets, the duration and the skills you want them to practise - and Sumdog uses your settings to guide their work.

Rewarding genuine growth

As all teachers know, student engagement is key to successful learning.

Sumdog's Progress Hub learning engine is wrapped in a state-of-the-art game environment. This motivates your students to continually grow.



As your students play, Sumdog's new Progress Hub tracks their progress and rewards their growth.

Each mastered skill gives your on-screen pet a new trick; every tenth skill gets you a new pet.

Avatar Progress Hub rewards each correct answer with a virtual coin.

Each student has an on-screen avatar, which they can customise by buying clothes and accessories with the coins they earn.

This motivates them to answer more questions - so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour.


Each student also has their own on-screen house. They use their coins to decorate it.

Some time decorating their Sumdog house is a great reward after a practise session.

Broad coverage... with attention to detail.

Sumdog offers hundreds of fine-grained skills across maths, reading and writing.



Sumdog's maths questions are free to use, without any time limit. They include word problems, and cover a broad range of topics.

Reading - Premium Feature

Students with a Sumdog Reading subscription can also use thousands of questions covering grammar and vocabulary.

These use Sumdog's usual games. Children are already familiar with these, and so can choose to play what motivates them most.

Writing - Premium Feature

Let students practise writing together with their classmates and friends.

Students play together with their classmates and friends - which is much more motivating! For example, in Secret, one student must ask questions of another to work out the secret word.