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Story Sequencer

Create talking stories, class timetables or questions and answer games on this Story Sequencer recordable bar.

This multi functional learning tool is simple to use. Children or teachers can slot in up to six of their own images or words and then record a corresponding 10 second message per slot, and then just press to play back!

Ideal for hanging on the wall and perfect for sequencing activities eg : the events of the story.

Great for children with Autism to use as a visual timetable to organise thier day.

Comes with 6 blank inserts. It is made of clear Perspex with a Velcro strip across the front for attaching cards.

Bar size - 11.5cm x 56cm

Insert size - 7cm x 8cm

What makes the Story Sequencer stand out?

The innovative nature of this resource stems from its flexibility; it can be used in so many ways and in particular to support children with special needs.

It can be used as a visual timetable with audio functionality; the audio option will assist children with visual impairment and also help with recognition.

It can also be used as a simple audio bar for children with speech difficulties. Using the 6 different channels to record common phrases it can assist them throughout the day.

  • Create talking stories - place images that correlate to parts of the story in each of the slots and record the section of the story on each button.
  • Classroom timetables - have images and appropriate recordings for the times and subjects of lessons throughout the day.
  • Questions and answer games - place questions under each section and record the answer.
  • Phonics games - ask children to match the audio to the images.

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