micro:bit Ring:bit Bricks Classroom Pack

This Classroom Pack includes:

10 x Ring:bit Bricks Packs
10 x micro:bit GO Ver 2 Packs
30 x Student Licenses to our Online Learning Academy for project tutorials
1 x Teacher Licenses to our Online Learning Academy for project tutorials

The Ring:bit Bricks Classroom Pack is the perfect starter package for STEM classrooms - six fun projects that teach students how to program while still assembling. The included set of 360 Degree Servos, LED Strips and 2000 Brick Pieces can be used with your own other bricks or sensors. And to help you in the classroom it comes with a classroom license to our Online Learning Academy. Filled with instructions and videos to get your projects up and running!

Lesson Summary

Project 1 – Traffic Lights

Make your micro:bit turn into a traffic light system.

Project 2 – Bricks Car

Build a car with the bricks from the kit.

Project 3 – Temperature-controlled Fans

Build a fan that is controlled by the temperature.

Project 4 – Smart Desk Lamp

Build a lamp that turns on when it automatically gets too dark.

Project 5 – Wipers

Make your own set of windscreen wipers.

Project 6 – Trebuchet

Build your own catapult. 

    Learn how to build and code these inventions with our Online Academy Lessons - subscription included in this package!