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NewsMaker is a video news-making tool to help provide students an easy, affordable, and fun platform to practice writing, speaking, and presentation skills.

A tool to practice language skills

NewsMaker provides students an easy, affordable, and fun platform to practice language skills – Writing and Reading, Speaking and Listening, Representing and Viewing.

Use across curriculum

NewsMaker is neither grade-level specific nor content-area specific. It is a tool to help students improve their communication skills while mastering content in any subject area.

Create for a real audience

With NewsMaker, students take on the role of news anchor and producer, creating their own story for a real audience.

Self Assessment and Self Learning

With the help of rubrics, NewsMaker provides individual student with immediate feedback for self-assessment of performance and it also facilitates peer critiquing, especially in the area of oral skills.

NewsMaker Project

A NewsMaker project is made up of segments. Each segment can be of the following types: Webcam Recording, Voiceover Image, Voiceover Video, Trailer, Text Insert and Video Insert.


Students can upload and share their published videos on the Newsmaker.tv website, and at the same time, they are creating a portfolio of their works over time. Teachers can conveniently access and assess students’ videos anytime, anywhere.

Installing NewsMaker

Available on Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as iOS (for iPad).

Academic License

NewsMaker is available to schools on annual subscription. License includes both school and home use. Please contact us if you are interested in NewsMaker academic license.

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