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HoverCam Solo 8 Plus

True 4K Image Clarity

  • 13 Megapixel Sensor Captures Every Detail.
  • Easy to use. Single USB Cable.
  • No power adapters, no loop through cable required.
  • Use with Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom conferencing for distance learning

Record HD video at 30 fps without lag or delay saving it directly to the computer, which is easy for teachers to share with students (just drag and drop the video file into Google Classroom, your LMS, etc). It’s a video and lesson recorder that includes a microphone to capture sound.

Engage your classroom with Flex 11 Software

Works with leading interactive whiteboard packages, such as SMART Notebook or Promethean. “Slingshot” the camera image into any whiteboard software, email, document, any program with just one click without leaving the program.

ASR Zoom

Lossless zoom using our ASR (Adaptive Sensor Resolution) image processing techniques to zoom without loss of quality.

Scan multiple pages into a single PDF file. (It’s a scanner). Motion sensor scanning; motion sensor photography.

Includes “time-lapse” and “slow motion” video recording useful for science classes.

Built-in Whiteboard Application

With Flex 11’s built-in whiteboard application, teachers can bring images straight from their Solo 8+ right into the whiteboard! Annotate over any image, live video, or recording you make, create texts and create lesson plans, and so much more with the Flex.

A perfect distance learning tool that’s compatible with video conferencing programs like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. It has better image quality and versatility than a webcam.

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