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Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2

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Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2 is a cross-curricular interactive program based on the popular Bee-Bot programmable floor robot. The resource is an excellent starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. It is suitable for both individual study and whole class whiteboard teaching.

Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2 is based on eight well-known TTS cross-curricular activity mats including: Farmyard, Seaside, Fairy Tale, Katie Morag, Community, World Map, UK Map, Bee-Bot's Home.

The software includes a range of activities for eight Bee-Bot cross-curricular activity mats. Challenges are solved by programming sequences of moves on-screen with feed-back given when tasks have been completed. Users can create their own on-screen activity mats and build and save 3D Bee-Bot worlds. Inexperienced readers can listen to recordings of the activity instructions.

Users can now personalise the program by creating fabulous Bee-Bot shells.This encourages the development of image manipulation skills and can be linked to practical activities, such as printing and cutting out the shells for use as Bee-Bot jackets.

The following mats are all featured in the program:

  • Farmyard
  • Seaside
  • Fairy Tale
  • Katie Morag
  • Community
  • World Map
  • UK Map
  • Bee-Bot's Home

Create Your Own Bee-Bot Mats and On-screen Activities

Bee-Bot 2 User Mat Input photographs and images and use them to create your own on-screen mats and activities.

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