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Augmented Reality World Map

Already proven as the best way to deliver Geography and Social Studies to the curious minds of kids.

This product is used in over than 20 countries globally supporting teachers and students in primary education.

Have you ever thought of what you can see when traveling different continents? What is the weather like? Who lives there? What animals can you find in different parts of the world? Do you know all the plants? and even more.. what else can go beyond your imagination? Are you ready?

Everything is like in real world with the help of Augmented Reality technology. As a teacher, you do not need any technical skills because the solution is plug and play.

“I have never experienced Augmented Reality before and was a bit cautious to start. The app is so intuitive! If you have ever installed and used mobile apps, it is the same technical level for CleverBooks’s app. Very impressed!” Mary N., Rome 2019

General product features:

  • Augmented Reality powered map of the world poster
  • STEM certified software content
  • Global curriculum based software content
  • No internet connection required once the app is installed
  • No technical skills needed to use software
  • Regular software updates forever free
  • No hidden costs

Augmented Reality features:

  • Geographical peculiarities of the continents
  • Political structure
  • Monuments and other heritage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Water animals!
  • Interactive weather for each season
  • Interesting facts about each animal, feed the Animal mode … and much more!

Grade: K12, primary/elementary, special education Additional information: free mobile application “CleverBooks Geography” for Android and Apple devices. Download from your mobile applications store

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