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0.4mm Genuine FlashForge Nozzle - M7 Thread for MK10 Extruder

This is a genuine nozzle from FlashForge. M7 tread.
They have a step and are wider than many of the other nozzles we stock to aid in heat transfer from the heater block

Also fits a variety of MK10 extruders.
Hole- 0.4mm hole
Thread - M7, 5mm long
Total Length - 13mm
Head Width - 9mm
Base - Tapered at screw/thread end
Tip - Pointed
Filament Size - suitable for 1.75mm filament
Material - Brass

Is is compatible with:
  • FlashForge Creator Pro
  • FlashForge Creator X
  • FlashForge Dreamer
  • Flashforge Finder
  • Flashforge Guider, Guider2 - NOTE: FlashForge Guider2S with the high-temp hotend (red duct) has a different nozzle. See ptNozzle04FFAM
  • Dremel Idea Builder
  • PowerSpec 3D Pro
  • PowerSpec 3D X
  • Wanhao Duplicator 4S
  • Wanhao Duplicator 4X
  • Wanhao i3
  • Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2
  • Cocoon Create 3D Printer
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: Old ply wood Flashforge creator (they use a MK8, or 0.4 standard nozzle)

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 13mm

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