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Workshop Evaluation Policy

Sammat Education is committed to high quality workshop evaluation and the implementation of supporting policies and processes that are effective, efficient, comprehensive, systematic and sustainable.

The specific purpose of conducting participant workshop evaluation is to:

  • Facilitate the routine evaluation of a workshop to assure that the workshop is contributing to learning in the program as intended and that the learning outcomes are consistent with those stated for the workshop.
  • Encourage presenters to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning within their workshops by linking the workshop evaluation process with staff performance management processes.
  • Encourage presenters to engage in scholarship in teaching by reflecting, in the light of evaluation data, on the workshop design and delivery and the development of new approaches.


The primary method for the evaluation of a workshop is PEW – Participant Evaluation of workshop. The PEW questionnaire is designed to:

  • Be both systematic and complete in its coverage of the appropriate issues to be evaluated. It can therefore be used in a diagnostic and formative way but can also be used summatively.
  • Allow presenters to ask questions about areas of particular interest, such as an area where they need more information, specific features of a workshop or how the workshop has addressed Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) - Quality Teaching Council (QTC) elements or standards. In this way the questionnaire can be sensitive to specific evaluation needs and workshop contexts.
  • Provide presenters with qualitative comments. Individual comments should assist in understanding the numerical responses received and in providing reinforcing or diagnostic feedback on aspects not necessarily covered by the questionnaire items.

Workshop Improvements

Results from evaluations and feedback are systematically considered by Sammat Education, with a view to making improvements to workshop content and delivery where necessary.