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In-Class Professional Learning Program


  • 8 hours of Professional Learning for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher
  • 8 Week Program - 1 Day per week
  • 4 Teachers and their classes - 1 hour each week per class
  • In-class LIVE instruction via Google Meet by our STEAM Instructional Leaders
  • Custom Curriculum developed to tailor for your school's learning programs
  • Teachers and students engaged in how to integrate technology
  • Future focused learning in your classrooms

Plus these added bonuses...

  • NSW Creative Kids Voucher Redemption - Students receive a micro:bit GO pack + Access to our Online Learning Academy to continue their learning at home 
  • Sessions recorded for teachers to review and utilise
  • Private Facebook Group for teachers to collaborate with other schools
  • End of program Report Card with a roadmap for future planning
  • Ability for the school to subscribe to equipment for future use after the program conclusion

Completing the STEAM in Practice Program will contribute 8 hours of Professional Learning addressing 1.2.2, 1.5.2, 2.1.2, 2.5.2, 2.6.2, 3.2.2, 3.3.2, 3.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.



Build the capacity of schools and teachers in integrating STEM and Digital Technologies into the Curriculum

Our In-Class professional learning program involves our STEAM Instructional Leaders working with teachers and their classes as we participate in 8 x 1 hour workshops throughout the school term.

Key Features

Engineering Design Process

Engineering Design Process

What you get

Meet our Instructional Leaders

Matthew Gillard - "Mr Matt"

Sammat Education was founded by Matt in 2008. Prior to that he was a Head Teacher of Computing Studies and also a Deputy Principal. Since 2009 Matt has conducted Professional Learning for schools throughout Australia as well as Student STEAM incursions throughout NSW primary schools, including support units and high schools. He has been engaged by schools and regional learning communities to develop STEAM programs and resources integrating the foundations of learning into a future focused curriculum.

Matthew Gillard
Michelle Attard

Michelle Attard - "Miss Michelle"

For over 23 years Michelle has taught K-6 classes in the Sydney, Broken Bay and Parramatta Catholic Dioceses. In 2005 she was selected to be the first CSIRO Catholic Education officer, teaching science education programs to students in Preschool to Year 10 across NSW. As part of this role she created and facilitated many teacher PD courses. These courses were designed to build teacher confidence when teaching science and technology. Michelle has a passion for teaching Science and STEAM to primary students.

Lesley Gough - "Miss Lesley"

Lesley worked in diverse roles across the Science Consultancy sector prior to retraining as a Primary School Teacher in 2009. Having discovered a passion for teaching science, Lesley developed a series of programs for teaching of science in Distance Education which led to leadership of science and mathematics for K-12 students.

Relocating to Sydney in 2017, Lesley again has taken on a variety of roles in public and private schools, specialising in Science and Digital Technologies. She completed a Master of Education (STEM) in 2019, with Distinction.

Lesley Gough
Grant Jones

Grant Jones - "Mr Jones"

Grant has worked across both private and public school systems over the past 18 years. In his time he has had leadership roles in the area of ICT where he was at the forefront of ICT integration into the classroom through roles such as ICT and Innovations Leader. He currently lectures in Primary Human Society and its Environment in the Master of Teaching degree at Western Sydney University. Grant is a regular on the conference circuit as well, presenting all over Australia at conferences including EduTech, Leading a Digital School, National Education Summit, DIgital Schools Conference, MANTLE and FlipCon Australia. In 2018 he completed his Master of Education (STEM) – the first in Australia to graduate with this degree. Grant is now completing his PhD research looking at what integrated pedagogical content knowledge primary school teachers need to teach effective and authentic STEM in the classroom.

Corinne Phillips - "Ms Corinne"

For the past 8 years, Corinne has been teaching grades 3-6 in schools in the Blacktown area. Her passion for STEAM came from 4 years of teaching Enrichment classes and participating in the Blacktown Learning Community's STEAM program for the past 3 years. 2020 saw Corinne teaching STEAM K-6 and implementing technology programs throughout the school, whilst teaching collaboratively with other staff members and upskilling them in various technologies and programs. Corinne has joined Sammat Education this year and is looking forward to the opportunity to share her passion for engaging students in STEAM.

Corinne Phillips

Teacher Testimonials

5 Star Rating

"Absolutely brilliant - our girls had the most wonderful time challenging themselves with game based learning. Thank you so much Matt!!"

5 Star Rating

"All specific vocabulary was used, students were highly engaged, related well to the new syllabus and the inquiry questions."

5 Star Rating

"Positive rapport with students. Appropriately catered for cross stage class."

5 Star Rating

"Very engaging and well scaffolded for students to experience success!"

5 Star Rating

"More and more impressive each time. Related so well with our history unit - past and the present when looking at past hardware. Students were highly engaged and Michelle delivered a great lesson!"

5 Star Rating

"Very engaging and appropriate to Special Education class. Thank you!"


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