Sphero Edu - Australian Teacher Resource Guide

Sphero Edu empowers Australian teachers to foster curiosity and grow as thinkers and lifelong learners. Sphero Edu is a powerful toolset that supports learners and teachers to reinvent education. Our program not only supports progress with the Digital Technologies curriculum, but it also integrates all learning areas through STEAM activities. Through collaborative and innovative projects, learners will also develop their Capabilities and 21st Century thinking skills.

So how can Sphero Edu be used to address the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum?

Although the possibilities are endless, below are some ideas of how you could integrate Sphero into your unique setting:

  • Use computational thinking to address the Processes and Production skills strands of the Digital Technologies Curriculum by programming Sphero in three different ways designed for learner progression - draw, blocks, and JavaScript.
  • Measure time, speed, distance and other metrics to support numeracy and science.
  • Perform specific functions such as motion and direction, colour and light and sensor controlled reactions.
  • Direct the movement of the Sphero using an app or autonomously using code to navigate a maze or terrain.
  • Develop Key Capabilities by working collaboratively on authentic challenges.
  • Use Design Thinking to solve and overcome challenges.

Sphero is adaptable to all ages, skill levels, and content areas. The Teacher Resource Guide is designed to give you everything you need to know to get the ball rolling with your learners.

Sphero Edu - Australian Teacher Resource Guide

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