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Complaints Policy

Sammat Education is committed to a quality service and welcomes opportunities to improve service delivery through feedback from stakeholders or members of the public. Sammat Education takes any form of complaint seriously. Any individual or person acting on behalf of an individual can express dissatisfaction related to Sammat Education services or the process itself, without fear of retribution.


All complaints will be dealt with appropriately and expediently.


  • Stakeholders and members of the public are informed by the Complaints process through advertising on the website.
  • Staff will make a note of all feedback including phone calls, e-mails, faxes and other feedback and advise Senior Management of this feedback.
  • External complaints may be handled by the manager relating to that section or by Senior Management, which ever is more appropriate.
  • When a complaint comes in staff are to use the Management Response to Complaint Form to complete the complaint information.
  • All parties to a complaint have the right to be heard with all the evidence and relevant information considered.
  • The Managers and Senior Management will maintain a feedback register.
  • The feedback register will be reviewed quarterly by Senior Management to ascertain if there are any patterns for corrective and preventive actions. The register will not identify individuals.
  • The respondent will recognise any complaint and will respond verbally or in writing within 2 working days of receiving the complaint.
  • All correspondence will be documented.
  • The respondent will attempt to resolve any complaint lodged within 28 working days of receiving the complaint or grievance.
  • A complainant has the right to bring an advocate of their choosing to an interview, or have an advocate liaise on their behalf.
  • If at any stage during the complaint or grievance process the complainant is dissatisfied with the way their complaint is being handled or is not satisfied with the conclusion outside parties or organisation maybe used at any time throughout the complaints process.