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The classroom kits for teachers who are ready to code!

July 05, 2021 2 min read

The classroom kits for teachers who are ready to code!

In the last few years, there has been a surge of STEM related toys and gadgets. These tools are designed to encourage kids to explore their passion for STEAM subjects through play. One such toy is the micro:bit from BBC Worldwide. The micro:bit is an easy-to-use computer that can be programmed in a variety of ways with its simple interface or using other programming languages like Python and JavaScript. Teachers will love how accessible it is for students of all ages and abilities because they don’t need any prior knowledge to use this kit! And best yet, we have a range of different kits so you can choose what suits your needs best. 

If you're interested in bringing this technology into your classroom or want more information about it, take a look at our various kits available.

Ring:bit Bricks Pack

Based on the Ring:bit V2 from Elecfreaks, the micro:bit Ring:bit Bricks Pack contains 360 degrees servos, the LED strips and almost 200 brick pieces. Together with the well-designed assembly instructions and projects, it makes the students learn how to code as well as how to build blocks in an interesting way. Let’s start building our kits with the 6 included project ideas!

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Ring:bit Bricks Pack.
micro:bit Smart Home Kit.

micro:bit Smart Home Kit

The micro:bit Smart Home Kit is designed to help you get started with exploring the world of electronics with a focus on home automation. Simply speaking a “Smart Home” is a home equipped with the lighting, heating, cooling, visual, sound appliances, miscellaneous electronic devices that can be controlled remotely (and automated) by a smartphone or a computer.

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Smart Science IoT Kit

ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Science IoT Kit is developed based on loT:Bit, a new breakout board compatible with science sensors such as the ultrasonic sensor, dust sensor, light sensor and water level sensor, including RTC Timing and WIFI module. You can gather data via the sensors and send data to the cloud with more stable and accurate data analysis.

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Smart Science IoT Kit.
motor:bit Smart Car Kit.

motor:bit Smart Car Kit

The motor:bit Smart Car Kit is a tailor-made smart car for micro:bit and motor:bit. This kit includes a motor:bit, sonar:bit and 2 line tracking modules. You can use this kit to DIY a micro:bit two-wheel smart car.

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Wonder Rugged Car Kit for micro:bit

The Wonder Rugged Kit is an omnidirectional mobile car based on Wukong multifunctional expansion board. It can perfectly achieve 360° omnidirectional movement, and can also complete difficult movements such as left and right drift. 8CM diameter super-large tires are wildly shaped. The full-time four-wheel drive is powerful, and all four wheels can be independently controlled.

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Wonder Rugged Car Kit for micro:bit.
Nezha Inventor Kit for micro:bit.

Nezha Inventor Kit for micro:bit

Based on Planet X sensors, Nezha Inventor's Kit is designed for BBC micro:bit. It contains multiple sensors, ultrasonic sensor, crash sensor, line-tracking sensor, etc., and also with over 400 pieces of bricks. We plan to write 36 cases for this kit in our wiki aiming to cultivate and inspire kids' creativity and imagination.

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