Inventor / CreatorPro Blue Print Bed Tape, 23x15cm

This is a genuine FlashForge replacement sheet for the FlashForge Dreamer, Inventor1, Creator Pro 2016 (v5) and Creator Pro2 (IDEX) printing bed.
It is very similar to BuildTak but with more texture on the surface

Size: 232 x 154mm
It has an adhesive layer with backing sheet (0.7mm total thickness with backing)

Tip: When removing the old tape, the glue is very aggressive. We recommend pre-heating to 80-100°C Peel off the old tape and use it (glue side down) to wipe off any remaining glue. Allow to cool before fitting new sheet

This tape suits:

  • Dreamer
  • Creator Pro
  • Inventor (1)
  • Creator Pro 2