FlashForge UV Curing Cabinet

Harden your resin prints with this UV Curing cabinet by FlashForge

With a Curing Chamber volume of 203mm diameter, 139mm high, this is big enough for the prints from many SLA and DLP printers up to 500g.

You can monitor and set the curing temperature from 35-60°C, with a fan to circulate the air and ensure an even temperature during curing.

You can set the curing time from 0-300minutes, with normal or strong light exposure.
It beeps on completion of the curing cycle, with cut-outs if the door is opened

  • UV Wavelength: 405nm
  • Curing Volume: 203mm diameter, 139mm high.
  • Overall dimensions: 399x266x225mm
  • Net Weight:L 9.9kg
  • Power Input: 100-240V AC, 4.5-2A
  • Rotational Speed: 2.5rpm
  • Power: 326W

Dimensions: 399x266x225mm