The Talking-Point is an exciting resource that records and plays back 10 or 30 seconds of sound.

Why not use it for talking displays, colour coded question and answer games or taking messages.

The 10 second version comes in 6 vibrant colours and the 30 second Pro version comes in black.

All models have a loud and very clear sound output.

Diameter 45mm.


  • Build confidence in reluctant talkers
  • Attach to a wall to make talking displays
  • Use to record clues for treasure hunts
  • Ideal for sending messages with children to other staff or sending home

Talking Point - colour - record up to 10 second messages. (6 Pack)

Talking Point Pro - black - record up to 30 second messages. (5 Pack)

Talking-Point Ideas

  • Talking Displays
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Red/Orange/Green traffic lights
  • School Tour
  • Sequencing Task
  • Question & answer games with colour-coded answers a. Written question b. Question on Talking Point Pro
  • Create talking obstacle course for Bee-Bot
  • Set route instructions for Bee-Bot
  • Record reminders
  • Take messages to and for other people
  • Phonics