Strawbees Creature Creature Kit

Ready to explore the animal kingdom? Create a creature by building features of different animals we see in the world and make your own.

  • Activity booklet
  • Snap-on eyes and feet
  • Retractable bendy straws

Become an explorer of the Strawbees animal kingdom! The Creature Creator kit includes 400 pieces, two pairs of feet, and two sets of eyes that can change to reflect the mood of your creatures. With the help of the booklet, you can build Strawbees creatures that can adapt to different habitats!

  • Bring out the #Creator in you.
  • Completely open-ended kit with 400 pieces, normal and magnetic feet and a couple of eyes with a set of stickers.
  • Start building some amazing creatures, personalise them and experiment with different moods!
  • Ideal for playing alone or with a couple of friends.
  • Experiment with different materials. Combine pieces to create hinges, movable joints or whatever you can imagine.
  • Unlimited fun! Our connectors & construction straws are reusable. When you finish building, you can disassemble your creations and use them to create something new.
  • Great for home or the school. Use Strawbees to explore STEAM.
  • Our connectors & construction straws are recyclable so that you make no waste.