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Sphero RVR Education 5 Pack

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Sphero RVR Education 5-Pack is Sphero’s revolutionary take on the programmable robot -- drivable right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customisation.

Utilising an expansion port, you can connect 3rd party hardware like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC micro:bit, and more. RVR is a mobile platform for everyone from beginners to elite hackers, educators, and students.

RVR combines the Sphero Edu app, an onboard sensor suite, and our highly sophisticated control system with a truly hackable platform.

A medium for makers

RVR is more than just a fun, programmable robot... We’ve added some incredible features that open up a world of possibilities for anyone ready to take their creativity to the next level.

Think of RVR as the ultimate mobile canvas for your creativity. Build the robot of your dreams and then program it with the Sphero Edu app -- the only limit is your imagination (and possibly physics). Chances are, if you can hack it, RVR can do it.

Highly Expandable_

RVR’s 4-pin UART expansion port is designed to work with most 3rd party hardware, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit and more. Just imagine what you can build on top of RVR… add a robotic arm, throw on a camera, create a patrol bot, and so much more.

Diverse Sensors_

RVR’s onboard intelligence includes a new colour sensor, plus a light sensor, IR, magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a removable, rechargeable battery that delivers enough juice to power RVR and third-party hardware.

Responsive and Rugged_

A powerful motor, all-terrain treads and plenty of torque give you the freedom to drive RVR just about anywhere. RVR also features a highly accurate, professional-level control system that won’t be deterred by obstacles or uneven surfaces.

What’s in the Box?

  • 5 RVRs
  • 5 Roll cages
  • 5 expansion mounting plates
  • 5 USB-A to USB-C charging cables
  • 5 expansion port cables

Optional: Laser 10 USB Port Charging Station - not included

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