Sphero BOLT Education 15 Pack - Upgrade

TRADE IN PROGRAM - Upgrade from your old Sphero's to the new BOLT Education 15 Pack

The Sphero BOLT Education 15 pack contains everything you need to get started teaching robotics and the fundamentals of programming. Use Sphero BOLT programmable robots to teach students programming while completing educational activities.

Sphero SPRK/SPRK+ to BOLT Upgrade Program

Good news! We are offering Australian educators the opportunity to upgrade their loved and used Sphero SPRK+/SPRK Education & Power Pack robot kits and save on Sphero’s most advanced round robot - Sphero BOLT. The team at Sphero is constantly working to improve its product line-up to support students’ and teachers’ needs and interests. Sphero BOLT was designed for education based on educator feedback to enrich teaching and provide endless learning opportunities.

The below Sphero SPRK/SPRK+ SKUs are eligible for the Sphero BOLT Upgrade Program in Australia.Note:

  • If the end-user purchased single units of SPRK or SPRK+ they must have purchased 12 units in total to qualify for the upgrade program.
  • The SPRK or SPRK+ robots DO NOT have to be in working condition when returned.
Sphero BOLT Upgrade

How to qualify

  • Do you have have a qualifying SPRK or SPRK+ product that you wish to upgrade to a BOLT Education or Power Pack Kit?
  • Are you able to return the SPRK or SPRK+ product back to Sphero at your cost - Sydney Warehouse (once a return label is supplied)?

If you answered "Yes" to the above, then please contact us to purchase your preferred BOLT Upgrade option.


What about shipping costs?

Your school is responsible for the return of the retired robots back to Sphero (Sydney Address). You should wait until you receive your return label from us before returning. Your new BOLT Education or Power Pack Kit will be direct shipped to your school at no additional freight charge.

How many Robots can you upgrade?

For every 12 x SPRK/SPRK+ robots originally purchased, your school will qualify for your chosen BOLT Education or Power Pack Kit at the upgrade price.

What happens once you return your SPRK/SPRK+ robots?

Once the returned goods are received and assessed the new PO for the BOLT Education or Power Pack Kit will be processed and shipped direct to your school’s address.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to us at info@sammat.net.au or call us at 1300 726 628. We would love to talk to you.