Speed Trackers

An innovative new resource that will allow children, students, athletes, scientists, anyone... to calculate an average speed.
  • How fast can you run over 20m?
  • Can you walk at 10kph?

Developed alongside teachers, the Speed Tracker is a device which enables you to accurately measure an average speed over a given distance.

Completely cross-curricular, the Speed Tracker can be used in Sport and Physical Education, Science experiments, Maths lessons and just simple playground fun. The Speed Tracker is perfect for helping children relate to and understand the concept of speed. Because the speed on the Speed Trackers can be displayed in 3 different units, this can help children quantify the relationship between each unit.

Set the distance in metres, start timing and once you finished, an average speed will be displayed in either miles per hour (MPH), kilometres per hour (KM/H) or metres per seconds (M/S). Once you have got an average speed, you can scroll through the result in all three units of measure. The Speed Trackers can also be used as you would a normal stopwatch.

Speed Tracker

  • Rechargeable, so no more batteries!
  • Set of 10 with recharging unit
  • Each Speed Tracker comes with its own detachable lanyard
  • Each watch has buttons which lend grip and also durability
  • Buttons are clearly labelled with its function making them easy for children to use
  • Digit display is a whopping 50% larger than that of the average stopwatch display making it very easy to read
  • 15 hours with moderate use before needing recharging
  • Screen has a 'battery life' display
  • 'sleep' mode which means they will turn off when not in use, so prolonging battery life
Rechargeable Unit
  • Unit doubles as a carry case and storage Wall mountable, lockable and shower proof offering some protection outside

To fully recharge, place in the case and leave for around 4 hours.

Set of 10.

Dimensions of case: 195 x 160 x 95mm.