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Sonic Blaster

The fantastic NEW Sonic Blaster electronic whistle has the clear, loud sound of an ordinary whistle but none of the drawbacks. This innovative resource is a TTS exclusive and has been developed by working alongside PDMs and experts in the sports field.

The Sonic Blaster is designed to an 'easy to hold shape', ideal for small hands as well as adult hands. Everyone will suddenly become interested in refereeing sports games as well as playing them. A perfect way to get the spectator that wouldn't normally be interested, involved in the game!

Not being an oral use whistle means it can be passed around the class and then be used by staff, without the fear of spreading germs.

This whistle omits a sharp sound (130dB) to simulate that of a pea whistle and is equally as loud and clear. However, unlike a conventional whistle the electric whistle can be directed at a person or group of people for maximum effect; it is also a lot easier to use than a normal whistle when running.

In fact the Sonic Blaster's sound is that clear and loud, it can be used as a substitute for the now obsolete starting pistol.

The Blaster is 10 cm long, brightly coloured and has a ring hole for attachment to a key ring or the wrist band included.

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