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Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination... take Snap Circuits into a new dimension! New Snap Circuits modules allow you to build your circuits horizontally, vertically and upside down, creating 150 stellar projects!

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination uses building blocks with snaps to build the different electrical and electronic circuits in the projects. Each block has a function: there are switch blocks, light blocks, battery blocks, different length wire blocks, etc. These blocks are different colours and have different numbers on them so that you can easily identify them. Build over 150 projects or combine with other  sets to build even more unique structures.

  • Exciting Light Effects
  • 3-Colour Light Tunnel, Mirrors & Reflecting Circuits
  • Magnet & Magnetic Switch
  • Projector with 6 Images
  • Includes vertical stabiliser, base grid stabiliser & base grid support
  • 3 AA batteries required but not included

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