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Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher

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Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher - The power of water pressure and the magic of flight come together to create a delight filled learning experience for your child in the Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit.

Smartivity Hydraulic Plane launcher is an excellent way to introduce your child to the wonders of aerodynamics and hydraulic pressure. Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher integrates a hydraulic pressure powered scissor lift mechanism based inclined launchpad with elasticity-based pull-lock-and-release mechanism to launch paper planes. In addition to launching planes, the launcher also has a channel to launch soft darts (either on their own, or in tandem with the paper plane) into the air.

Each kit includes Smartivity’s world-class Instruction Manual with easy-to-understand, richly illustrated, colour-coded, one-step-per-page, step-by-step instructions to build this cool construction toy.

Smartivity Hydraulic Plane kit also includes 10 foldable paper-planes of 2 different designs with fold-markings for ease of making. The shape and folds of these different airplane designs help your child understand how aerodynamics works and how variation in shape results in different flight patterns. Your child can also compare the trajectories of two different objects of different shape and weights when they are propelled with equal force.