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Redcat Access

Crystal clear audio for dynamic classrooms

Redcat Access, It eliminates interference while giving students access to everything the teacher is saying.

Redcat Access is a simple-to-use solution right out of the box. Its exceptional audio clarity fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice, enabling all students to hear every word. With Access Technology, there is no interference with other classroom technologies and has scalability to meet evolving instructional needs.

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Whole room audio for dynamic classrooms:

  • Children who hear better learn better
  • Full access to the teacher’s natural voice
  • Maximize time with students and on-task behaviour
  • No interference with other classroom technology
  • Adaptable to new teaching methodologies

Product Features:

  • Exciter technology for even sound distribution
  • Access technology compatible with Activate Pods for collaborative instruction
  • Supports team teaching
  • No installation
  • Operation in large, open areas
  • Wireless integration capabilities
  • Connect and direct multimedia audio
  • Batteries will support a full day in the classroom
  • 5-year warranty (1-year on batteries)

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