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Osmo Creative Kit with Mirror + Base

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Kick-start creativity and problem solving with this inspiring mix of art tools and cutting-edge technology. The included creative board and dry-erase markers are specially designed to best utilize the Osmo technology. All three games are an irresistible invitation to imagine, invent, explore, and play.

  • Monster: Bring drawings to life! When kids draw something on the board - for example, a magic wand - animated Mo will pull that very wand onto the screen and use it himself. Now that's magic.
  • Newton: Physics meets doodles: Make onscreen falling balls land on target by drawing obstacles on the board. The balls bounce, roll, and ricochet, challenging kids to think in creative new ways.
  • Masterpiece: Transforming any image into simple-to-trace lines, makes it easy to create amazing artwork. Kids can even make cool time-lapse videos of the drawing process to share with their biggest fans.

What's in the box:

  • Creative Board
  • 6 Erasable markers
  • Fuzzy eraser pouch
  • Exclusive Creative Set content
  • Monster, Masterpiece and Newton apps

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