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littleBits Code Kit Expansion Pack: Computer Science

Learn and apply programming and engineering skills to create a digital pet or an interactive display!

An ideal edition to your littleBits Code Kit or littleBits Code Kit Education Class Pack.

Code Kit Expansion Pack: Computer Science deepens students computational thinking by layering in additional Bits, accessories and Computer Science lessons and inventions, targeted for grades 3-5.

Six scaffolded lessons provide guidance for students and educators as you explore coding simple circuits, and create interactive inventions, like a digital pet or art display. Students then have a chance to apply their coding knowledge and engineering design skills to solve open challenge prompts - where a prior invention can be remixed to create something different!

  • 12 Hours of Computer Science Content
  • 9 Bits and 15 Accessories
  • Grades 3-5
  • Engage 1-3 Students per Kit
  • 1  proximity sensor
  • 1  accelerometer
  • 1  light sensor
  • 1  random
  • 1  wire
  • 1  fork
  • 2  long LED
  • 1  number
  • 1  XL Mounting Board
  • 12  Shoes (Hook & Loop)
  • 2  Strips (Hook & Loop)

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