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Clever Candles

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Clever Candles are the perfect alternative to real candles for schools. These unique rechargeable candles respond to being blown on and off! Blow once to turn the candle on, blow again to turn it off. With no risk of burns or fire, these realistic, flickering candles are clean and mess free and can be used across the curriculum in a myriad of school activities.

There are 12 tea light style candles, supplied with a docking/charging station. The candles are rechargeable, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED, simply place them in the docking station and plug into the mains. To turn the candle on simply use the on/off switch underneath. Reduce time carrying out risk assessments with these candles, use them when you want and where you want. Candles will last approximately 6-10 hours before requiring charge.

Ideas for use:

  • Birthdays - celebrate every child's birthday in school in the traditional way with these candles. Leave in the docking station and get you children or teachers to blow out the candles after Happy birthday has been sung. You can even decorate your docking station with stickers, glitter and paint to make it look like a birthday cake, or best of all, place on top of a real cake!
  • Assemblies - use the candles around the room to set the atmosphere for assembly. The flickering light of the candle will have a calming effect on the children.
  • Circle Time - Use as a point of focus during your Circle Time. Place in the centre of the circle during storytelling to set the mood. A great accompaniment to spooky, adventure or traditional tales.
  • RE - These candles can be used to support topics on Festivals, especially the Festival of Light. Can also be used when saying a prayer during assemblies.
  • Science - Use in dark spaces, such as a Dark Den to look at the absence of light. Use for similarities and differences, compare with a real candle. How does the light change when you add more or less candles to a dark area.
  • Special Needs - use with children who have speech and language difficulties.
  • Art - make decorative lanterns and place inside to show the flickering effect.
  • Drama/Literacy - use during role play, school plays to set the atmosphere.
  • Halloween - place inside your carved out pumpkins to create that spooky effect.
  • Maths - create a blow on blow off number line. Blow two out, how many are left?
Perfect for Visual and Kinaesthetic learners.

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