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955 Access

955 Access is a powerful classroom amplifier that connects to your multimedia and installed speakers to deliver high-quality audio throughout the room. It excels in classrooms, open areas and large spaces with no audio dropout or interference, AND it’s adaptable as instructional needs evolve.

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Teachers speak into the microphone, 955 delivers crystal clear audio to the whole room.

Access 955 


Connect all multimedia audio into the 955, or alternatively into the Activate Station or the Media Connector to send audio wirelessly to the 955.

955 Acess


Add Pods to activate collaborative learning, allowing teachers to interact with small groups.

955 Access

A Powerful Amplifier and Media Control Center

It’s powered by Access Technology, which means it can do much more, like seamlessly connect to other Access Technology components. That makes it highly effective in many types of learning spaces and enables new methods of instruction.

955 Access

Teachers' Voices Fall Victim to Physics

Listening is the primary channel for learning and teachers work hard to communicate in the classroom. But physical factors such as distance and noise prevent students from hearing the full message, often missing critical components required for learning and understanding.

955 Access

Remove the Barriers

The benefits are clear: Classroom audio delivers clear audio across the whole room to provide all students equal access to instruction.

43% Reduction in off-task behaviour

72% Reduction in teacher redirections

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