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3Dux Design

3Dux Design The Modern Museum

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The Modern Museum Architecture Set has some unique geometric shapes to give your design a modern flair.

The Modern Museum is perfect for the young designer with an appreciation of the arts. This kit includes all cardboard pieces and connectors necessary to create the proposed architectural design along with extra components to let the imagination take over. Colour it, redesign it, build out with your own cardboard. There is plenty of material in this kit to add furniture, art and characters to your creation.The connectors are engineered to fit most single-ply cardboard your young designer will never run out of material or shapes to build with and will learn about creative repurposing of shipping boxes.

  • 34 connectors
  • 38 cardboard pieces (one side white)
  • 4 crayons
  • materials for 1-2 students