3Doodler Start Eco-Plastic

2 Pack Colour Option
Simply White
Aqua Mint
Cherry Red
Lemon Zest
Ocean Blue
Tangerine Tang
Spring Green
Koala Grey
Ghostley Glow
Charcoal Black
Cappuccino Beige
Peaches & Cream
Pastel Pink
Pastel Blue
Punk Star Purple
Coco Brown
Terrific Teal
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Do you want to take your creativity to new levels?

3Doodler Start Eco-plastics are low-heat, BPA-free and non-toxic so they completely safe for kids, and are compatible with 3Doodler Start pen only.

Bring any idea to life, or Personalize your existing items

Safe to Doodle on almost any material, such as Lego, and the plastic can be easily removed, though will adhere firmly to clear plastics. 3Doodler Start Eco-plastics extrudes to 6 times the original length, so one 6 inch Strand gives over 35 inches of doodling. Now with a wider range of 19 vibrant colours. Delivered as a double pack - Each pack contains 24 strands.