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Caddies Creek Public School - 2021 STEAM Program

Drone STEAM Program 

Caddies Creek Public School has accepted our invitation to participate in the Sammat Education STEAM Program for 2021.


The STEAM program involves Sammat Education Instructional Leaders coming into the school and running 1 hour workshops each week for 8 weeks in your child’s class.

Term 2 - Year 5 Virtual Reality 

Students will build and code a 3D simulated environment with user-friendly creation tools then explore in virtual and augmented reality with the Merge Cube and VR Headsets.

Term 4 -  Year 6 Drones 

Our Drone STEAM Program uses "Airblock" an easy-to-use programmable drone that’s geared to inspire young pilots to dive head first into STEAM education. The drone itself consists of six rotor blades and one master module that links the blades via magnetic connectors in a honeycomb fashion without the use of any tools. Each module is wrapped in a special engineered Styrofoam to protect sensitive instruments from damage during a crash landing. In this program students will build and develop different drone prototypes based on vehicles that can move on water, land or fly through the air. They will code each of their drones to complete several challenges.

Students may use their $100 NSW Creative Kids Vouchers to pay for their workshop fee. In return for redeeming their voucher with Sammat Education students will receive:

  • 8 Weeks of lessons in the STEAM Program in-class.
  • Take home micro:bit GO pack for them to continue their coding and STEAM journey at home. (This is for them to keep!)
  • FREE enrolment into our micro:bit GO ONLINE tutorials (10 week online learn at home program) on our Sammat Education Academy portal
TOTAL VALUE $215 - TOTAL COST $0 with use of the NSW Creative Kids Voucher

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