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Marbotic Smart Kit

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  • Marbotic Smart Letters & Smart Numbers combo pack
  • Interactive toy to learn reading and discover maths
  • Recognise shapes and sounds of letters, play with phonics, discover vocabulary, and even write
  • Match numbers and quantity, play with units and tens to build numbers, solve additions and subtractions in a funny and motivating environment
  • Reinforces autonomy and self-confidence
  • Gentle on tablet screen and no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or additional batteries is required. 100% safe for your kid!
  • Interact with your tablet to see magic happen
  • Includes beautifully crafted wooden digits x10 + letters x26
  • Created with teachers and used in classrooms
  • Recommended age 3 to 7
  • Compatible with all iPads (except iPad 1) and most of Samsung tablets